Production Coordinator

Posted January 29, 2018 This position has been filled

The Production Coordinator will be the main point of contact for all production under Chive Media Group’s internal marketing & e-commerce umbrella. You will work closely with multiple departments and teams to usher both photo and video shoots from concept through all phases of production. We want jugglers. We want geniuses. We want... genius jugglers and... juggling geniuses. Ideal candidates will have insanely obsessive attention to detail, are overly-communicative, overly-organized, and overly...ON. This position will also be involved in location and talent sourcing and coordinating for all productions and live events. So, basically, you'd better have good taste on top of all of that. We like the word "spunky" or "upbeat," to describe our ideal candidate, too. Is this you? Read below for more!

Job Description

  • Coordinate photo shoot dates and times with photography and e-commerce teams.
  • Ensure that e-commerce team has all necessary creative assets to support product launches (product pages, onsite assets, and marketing assets).
  • Scout locations for shoots (photo and video).
  • Source props and materials for all shoots.
  • Source models for shoots and videos.
  • Work closely with the President of the company.
  • Has excellent balance (for all the balancing you'll do). Multitaskers wanted.
  • Prepare and manage all product for photo shoots.
  • Actively participate in all product shoots, support all steps of all shoots. Including scheduling, booking models (internally and externally), and being on set to style models & product.
  • Manage the delivery & storage of all product samples, and organization of apparel & product closet. Ensure that product samples are on schedule and staged for shoots. Catalog all seasonal products.
  • Acquire all props for photo shoots, including wardrobe accessories, photo accessories, and miscellaneous items.
  • Manage creative calendar, with product and photo shoot details, launch dates, and creative assets needed, which allows the photo department to easily access product names and asset due dates before and after photo shoots and prioritize editing.
  • Coordinate with Chive Studios to promote Chivery product through various video productions.
  • Assist with product requests from other departments.


  • Strong organizational skills. Do you organize your closet by color and clothing type? Then you might be who we need.
  • Extended experience in production coordination/management (including but not limited to sourcing models, scouting shoot locations, scouting props, compiling marketing materials, preparing and acquiring wardrobe, etc.).
  • Has excellent balance (for all the balancing you'll do). Multitaskers wanted.
  • Professional-level communication skills.
  • Experience working with professional casting agencies.
  • Familiarity with social-media made models (helps tremendously if you like them, and they like you too!).
  • Comfort working within brand-appropriate content.
  • Insight into e-commerce workflow.
  • Bachelor's Degree in Media Production or a related field.
  • Flexible schedule and ability to work unusual hours.
  • Reliable transportation.
  • Professional-level communication skills.

Compensation & benefits

  • Competitive salary.
  • Profit sharing.
  • 401(k) with a company match plan (after 6 months with the company).
  • Open vacation policy.
  • Competitive medical/dental/vision insurance plans.
  • Local fare from Great Austin restaurants.
  • Our HQ sits on the waters edge in beautiful downtown Austin, with hike and bike trails at our back door.

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