The Story

theBERRY is a female entertainment site where you can be you

Once known as a photo blog, theBERRY has transformed into a community of strong and informed women. It’s an ideal place to get away while also delivering insightful conversations that ladies want to know about. Whether it’s to find a morning mantra strategy, to begin your work break with a laugh, or to end your day with a glass (or bottle) of wine: we’ve got you covered.

theBERRY gives millennial females a much-needed one-stop destination to laugh, cry, learn, and discover what people are talking about. Our wide range of stories come from young media professionals and user submissions by our loyal followers. With a monthly audience of 4.2M unique visitors, we’re growing half a million readers per month.

4.2 million monthly unique visitors

325,000 Facebook likes

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theBERRY offers partners and advertisers a rich array of platforms and experiences through which to reach their target demographics.

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2.6 MM Monthly Users
180 K Daily Users




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380K Fans & Followers

  • Facebook 325K Likes
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Source: Google Analytics, December 2016


theBERRY has worked with these brands step-by-step on programs that fit their needs. We would love to do the same for you.

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