The Founders

Leo Resig

CEO & Co-Founder

John Resig

President & Co-Founder

On the first day...

Brothers John Resig and Leo Resig founded Chive Media Group and its flagship site,, in November 2008 with no capital and a lot of hustle. Leo was living in Chicago (CHI) and John was living in Venice (VE) and that’s how theCHIVE was born. More than a decade later, theCHIVE has evolved into a one-of-its-kind lifestyle brand with a variety of business lines including digital media, e-commerce, community building, and charity. Chive Media Group currently has 40+ employees headquartered in Austin, TX.

In 2014, John and Leo and their CMG executive team pioneered CHIVE TV, single-handedly creating the streaming TV-for-business category. This led them to create Atmosphere, the world’s first and only streaming platform for businesses. Atmosphere can be seen on televisions in over 50,000 businesses worldwide and continues to grow its global footprint rapidly.

Chive Media Group Empire