The Founders

Leo Resig

CEO & Co-Founder

John Resig

President & Co-Founder

On the first day...

Brothers John Resig and Leo Resig founded Chive Media Group and its flagship site,, in November 2008 with no capital and a lot of hustle. Leo was living in Chicago (CHI) and John was living in Venice (VE) and that’s how theCHIVE was born. More than a decade later, theCHIVE has evolved into a one-of-its-kind lifestyle brand with a variety of business lines including digital media, ecommerce, sports, and charity. Chive Media Group currently has 75+ employees, and the exec team is rounded out by Alen Durbuzovic (CTO), Mike Grisko (CFO), and Eric Spielman (CSO).

In 2014 that same executive team pioneered CHIVE TV, single-handedly creating the streaming TV-for-business category. This led them to create Atmosphere, the world’s first and only streaming platform for businesses.

Chive Media Group Empire