Bill Murray is done with boring golf clothes

CNN Money October 28th, 2016

Bill Murray marches to the beat of his own drum—in life, in movies and now on the golf course.

“If you’ve seen photos of Bill on the golf course, he’s quirky with his fashion sense. He’ll wear plaid on plaid with a plaid bow tie,” said his younger brother Joel.

Those fashion eccentricities aren’t limited to the well-known actor.

“All of the Murray brothers are quirky with clothes,” said Joel.

And they are equally serious about golf. So it made perfect sense for six brothers to create a golf clothing line for men called William Murray Golf.

It launched this month with Bill as the face of the brand, which means it’s loaded with playful irreverence.
Think bright colors, playful prints and clever references to Murray’s movies.

The logo itself is a faceless Bill throwing away his golf club. There are bright tartan shorts, tartan button-down shirts and, Joel’s favorite, a polo shirt with tiny whiskey glasses printed all over it.

“Every couple of glasses, there’s a glass tipped over with whiskey pouring out of it,” he said.

Another shirt, the Cinderella Story polo, features brightly-colored mums with a few random ones falling apart. It’s an homage to the movie “Caddyshack,” a classic Bill Murray film, which features a scene where Bill lops a row of mums with his club.

“Things have gotten pretty stale in golf clothing,” Joel said. “We need to inject a little fun into it. This could help get more millennials into the sport.”

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