The Story

The only "Point of Party" advertising, CHIVE TV reaches consumers when they are positive, social and ready to spend.

While enjoying a beer at their favorite watering hole, theCHIVE founders John and Leo Resig were asked by a bartender, “Wouldn’t it be cool to have theCHIVE on TV?” Eighteen months later, CHIVE TV was born. Now, it features the best jaw-dropping, hilarious and shocking viral videos from CHIVE TV is a free streaming entertainment channel that plays content through Roku or Apple TV on a five-hour loop with a fresh hour sprinkled in every Friday (just in time for the weekend).

CHIVE TV was specifically designed so the content requires no audio to keep the laughter - and the conversations going - whether it’s at a bar, restaurant or party.

2,200+ Bars

15MM+ Monthly DOOH Impressions

9,450+ Minutes Watched Per Month


What does it cost?

​It’s totally free! We provide the ROKU stick and only ask that you use it for your business at least 30 hours a month. We’re also available on Apple TV gen4 devices and will always be forward compatible.

How do I access the channel?

​Take the free ROKU stick we provide and plug it into your TV’s HDMI port. Simply connect it to your wireless network, search the theCHIVE channel, and BOOM you’re live. Already have a ROKU? Just search for theCHIVE!

How often is the content updated?

​CHIVE TV plays on a 5 hour loop. A fresh hour of content is added every Friday (just in time for the weekend!)

Will CHIVE TV offend my mom?

CHIVE TV pulls in the best content from theCHIVE, but it’s definitely rated PG! There’s so much funny content, we don’t need to offend anyone. We may do a PG-13 version down the road, but we’ll see if there’s demand.

What is CHIVE TV?

​CHIVE TV is a free TV channel that features all the best video content from and more. CHIVE TV’s intense, compelling and hilarious videos are designed specifically for bar audiences.

How did CHIVE TV happen?

​While we were out selling our KCCO beer, a bartender told us, “Wouldn’t it be cool to have theCHIVE on bar TVs?” To which we said, “Hell yeah! Let’s do it!” Eighteen months later, CHIVE TV was born.

Why should I play CHIVE TV in my bar?

Simply put: It keeps patrons in barstools longer. We have thousands of people saying that our content is awesome, now we’re working to get the data to prove it also increases in-bar food & beverage consumption.

Can we still play music in the bar?

​Hell yes and absolutely. CHIVE TV was specifically designed for bars, so we kept the jams in mind. Our visual content requires no audio to keep the laughter — and the conversation — going in your bar.

What about when football (or other sports) are on?

​CHIVE TV’s “dare-you-to-look-away” content is the perfect complement to your existing TV programming – sports or otherwise. Just throw CHIVE TV up on a TV or two to enhance live games, movies or whatever.

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