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A gift shop for Chivers

Started in 2011 when theCHIVE’s fans asked for a T-shirt with our logo on it, The Chivery has since conquered the Internet with our collection of T-shirts, hard goods, gifts and gadgets. The eCommerce of Resignation Media, it’s known as “a gift shop for Chivers” because it has a direct, uncontested access to our legion of loyal advocates. This amounts to more than a million people who not only wear the gear, but believe in the brand’s message.

With more than two million orders since we began, our greatest hits include iconic movements like our BFM T-shirt and our Keep Calm and Chive On line. Our Ostrich Imports line branches out into pop culture commentary and appeals to both Chivers and the general public alike. Our inventory currently includes more than 1,000 products.

1,000+ products

2.9M Orders

1.5M Customers




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The Chivery, aside from producing the best tees in the world offers our customers some of the finest, hand-picked products to compliment their collection of ostrich-tagged merch. If you are interested in branded or co-branded opportunities with The Chivery, contact us today.



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