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theCHIVE is home to the top humorous, interesting and uplifting content from around the world. Brothers John and Leo Resig started theCHIVE as a photoblog in 2008, with a trickle of daily visits by friends and family. Since then, theCHIVE has become a multi-faceted digital entertainment brand with over 30 million users per month and 800+ million content views monthly. Backing theCHIVE’s content is Chive Studios, a full-service production studio which was founded to create all original content, photo shoots and event activations.

Along with its multi-tiered entertainment content, theCHIVE is powered by its massive user base and charitable community. Users submit over 5,000 pieces of content daily and meet offline every week. Since its inception, theCHIVE’s community has created regional groups that have met offline to “party with a purpose” and raise over $6 million for charity.

650+ Million Content Views Monthly

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161M+ Video Views

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Chive Media Group offers partners and advertisers a rich array of platforms and experiences through which to reach their target demographics.

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Source: Google Analytics, December 2016


theCHIVE has worked with these brands step-by-step on programs that fit their needs. We would love to do the same for you.

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